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It turns out that those who ended up in a relationship used these 5 words on their profile fairly often: love, time, life, friend, and music.As for those singles who remained on the dating site (still searching for the “one”), the words found on their profile were more descriptive of short-term activities.The world that it offers is quite safe, fun filled as well as secure.Asian dating sites are media that is available online with an intention of catering and searching the people who are willing to have an Asian partner.

The BEST words to use in your online dating profile include…

The analysis of the 1.2 million dating profiles found that singles who left the dating site in a relationship used different words on their profiles than those who were still single (and still on the dating site).

The researchers then separated the user profiles into two groups: Online daters who found love and online daters who are still looking.

They included travel, dinner, concert, shop, and beach.

According to a source, the study also found that “66 percent of single women who left the dating site in a relationship used the word ‘love’ in their profile.” 52 percent of the men who left the dating in a relationship also used the word “love” in their profile. If you’re really lookin’ for “love,” you should probably mention that on your dating profile.

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