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You can simply let Chumen Wenwen know what you want: restaurant, movie, massage, and it will send you a list of all the things around you. I software and We Chat (although the company also has its own native APP).Several We Chat groups including “Shenzhen show business” and “art school beauties” were created to solicit sex and had an estimated 500 members who regularly used the service.

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Two pimps, who are brothers and claimed to be related to a policeman, had been arrested during a police crackdown.We Chat, the ubiquitous social network in China, has long been used for prostitution.But in a new twist, one group of people have been busted for pretending to be famous actress and models in China to solicit clients on the network.These girls are touted to be young and sexy, willing to do “anything” for their clients.The English daily also sent in an undercover team, who found that each session would last for 45 minutes and cost RM165 to RM200 including hotel room.

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