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That was the experience Elena Albamonte discovered when she ventured to Match years ago to try online dating.

“I eventually met a lawyer on Match and it just seemed like we had a lot more in common,” Elena said.

The Short Version: Elena Albamonte’s fun dating site, Lawyers in Love, aims to help legal professionals — with busy and daunting work lives and who prefer analytical debates to small talk — find like-minded individuals.

Starting with the similarity in the work they do, users on the site are able to more quickly feel a connection with their matches and spend less time with icebreakers or explaining their schedules.

Most people have an immediate image pop into their mind when they hear the word lawyer.

From a scene in “Law and Order” to something as simple as dollar signs, legal professionals deal with prejudice, rightful or not, simply because of their line of work.

On Date Lawyer, dating, relationship, love and romantic encounters are quite simple and easy.

The American Bar Association asked its readers what it was like to date as a lawyer, and the responses were resoundingly negative: people being left mid-date after dropping the “L-word” or being introduced as their title rather than their name.

It can be a challenge to find someone who understands the deadlines and workload of the legal system, not to mention finding someone to date the kind of people who are drawn to legal work.

Dismissed it until I realized I never encountered a lawyer/cop/doctor on this site.

If you behave like a normal person is it really that bad?

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