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"I have grown up here and been given every chance a young reporter could ever ask for," she said, praising Rupert Murdoch's family for its kindness toward her. Kelly's closing remarks came less than 12 hours after the surprise announcement that she will be giving up her prime-time role at Fox for a multi-year deal that includes several roles at NBC.

She has been a guest-panelist on Fox News' late-night satire program Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld.Fox News fought hard to keep Kelly, who became a breakout star and whose 9 was the second-highest rated in cable news, behind the “O’Reilly Factor.” Trump’s attacks on Kelly during the campaign helped turn her into an international celebrity and she was featured on the cover of the New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair and other publications.After being turned down by the school of public communications, she chose to study political science instead of journalism, and earned her bachelor’s degree in 1992.She then enrolled at the Albany Law School and edited the , which allowed her to serve on a panel that reviewed sexual harassment allegations against faculty members.

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