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Keep your hips, heels, and knees forward and aligned.

Step your right leg back and behind your left leg and lunge, almost as if curtsying. Your anchor leg should be in a ninety-degree angle. Perform fifteen reps (or fifteen lunges on each side).

It's like a nine-month vacation when I can prioritize being home. I had a beautiful leather Givenchy overnight bag, but David stole it.

I stuff it with a script and a book I'm reading-currently by Elizabeth Gilbert. In New York, I work out with my trainer, David Kirsch, either in the morning or later on. At least one week per month I'm in London [working as a Belstaff brand ambassador and creative contributor].

Today though, at the pinnacle of her career, Liv is sweeping aside the pain of her recent divorce from Leeds-born musician Royston Langdon, 37.

(The couple met in 1998, married in 2003 at a private villa in Barbados and announced their split a year ago.) Instead, she is focusing her energy on her new single life and spending as much time as possible with her son Milo, who's now four.

The stunning 5ft 10in stature, the flawless skin, the huge doe eyes and full lips; her photos really don't do her justice.

Her hair is super-sleek, while her figure and long legs are honed to perfection - gone are the homely curves that gave Liv her famous girl-next-door persona.

She told Bazaar that she spends about a week in London every month and is moving there in September.Despite being born into rock'n'roll aristocracy, Liv Tyler, 32, has grown into one of Hollywood's most down-to-earth stars.Here, she talks to SHE's Jess Henley about the pain of divorce, shifting her baby weight and how she juggles her life as a single working mother Walking into a Parisian hotel to meet Liv Tyler, the first thing that strikes me is how much more beautiful the 32-year-old actress is in the flesh.It's crazy-I've been pregnant for two years straight. In the morning, it's all about the kids, so I don't have time to think about what to wear, which is hard because sometimes there are paparazzi outside. I usually have a bag I'm obsessed with for a minute.I feel more balanced when I'm pregnant, strangely, and less pressured. At the moment, it's a little black Valentino with studs.

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