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two million miles wide and an inch deep." Reimold -- who is currently visiting assistant professor of journalism at Nanyang Technical University, in Singapore, and who will be taking a position as assistant professor of journalism at the University of Tampa this fall -- decided several years ago to investigate the questions that he felt were being ignored: "What are modern students actually saying about sex in the columns and magazines?What motivated the students to take on the sex columnist mantle?And who has the final authority over what students can publish?In Daniel Reimold's view, the subject merited attention beyond what it had been getting: "a tidal wave of press attention ...Why are these columnists such rock stars on campus?

This policy covers conduct that occurs on University premises or property, as well as conduct that does not occur on University premises or property that substantially affects the University community’s interest.(c) Definitions: (1) Sexual misconduct includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, stalking, dating violence and domestic violence.(2) Sexual assault is any sexual contact that does not involve the knowing consent of each person, including (A) any form of sexual penetration without consent; and (B) any intentional or knowing touching or fondling by either person, directly or through clothing, of the sex organs, buttocks, or breasts of the other person for the purpose of sexual gratification or arousal of either person without consent.(b) This policy applies to (1) all students, Registered Organizations, Registered Student Organizations, and others subject to student discipline pursuant to § 1-301 of the Student Code; (2) all University employees; (3) other affiliated individuals, including but not limited to, for purposes of this policy, visiting faculty, visiting scholars, and post-doctoral fellows; and (4) third parties, including but not limited to contractors, subcontractors, volunteers, and visitors.Any person asserting a violation may invoke this policy.

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