Dating political differences

I don’t think I could date someone who didn’t see me as his equal or who believed that the state should regulate my sexual or reproductive choices.

Savage said that most men who are anti-choice believe in their ideals in an abstract form, but “come to a very different conclusion about the importance of access to safe and legal abortion when an unplanned pregnancy impacts them directly.”But to answer her question on whether she should continue to date her boyfriend, Savage concluded with a powerful “No.”Savage wrote:“Women have to be in control of their own bodies—and when and whether they reproduce—in order to be truly equal."If they handle [political talk] well, it can be a great source of intimacy and connection." This holds true even when spouses belong to different political parties.Ryan Turner, a marketing director in Lighthouse Point, Fla., is a Republican. Rather than fueling conflict, their differences are a source of lively conversation. What is it about him that you were attracted to in the first place? Discuss your political differences early on in the relationship, and often, especially if politics are important to you. When you first find out he's a tried-and-true Republican, don't jump to conclusions. Being able to understand where the other person is coming from will also help you to know what's truly important to you. Why does trickle-down economics make so much sense to you? And finally, don't allow those fiery arguments to come between the two of you. Those heated debates you've been having could give you a major adrenaline rush, spiking the brain's natural amphetamines—dopamine and norepinephrin—and making you more aroused.

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